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At least I never have to talk to that judge again-- The Washington Post describes dysfunction in the Social Security disability claims process

On May 25, 2023, the Washington Post published a long, detailed article about systemic problems in the Social Security disability adjudication process written by senior…

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A client's perspective on Social Security and long-term disability

When Patrice came to Thomas Coon Newton & Frost, she had been wrongly denied both Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and insurance converge through her…

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Scott Sell, TCNF’s Disability lawyer, appointed as a Special Assistant Attorney General

The State of Oregon is responsible for the well-being of roughly 8,000 children living in foster settings. Many of those children have disabilities. However, some…

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What to expect after filing an application for Social Security Disability benefits

What to expect after you file your initial application for disability benefits. Tips on filling out the work history and function report forms that are…

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Social Security Disability for multiple sclerosis

If you are living with multiple sclerosis and it negatively impacts your ability to work full time, you might be considering an application for Social…

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