Category: Car Collisions

Distracted Driving: Ray Thomas analyzes Oregon's latest law

On Tuesday September 26, 2017, TCNF partner Ray Thomas appeared with Sheriff Deputy Sgt.  Julie Denny, and Oregon State Police Sgt. Jeff Prouix to discuss…

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Insurance Covers Mom as Passenger

Adams v. Presnell, 286 Or App 390 (2017) Here’s a case in which the Oregon Court of Appeals applies common sense to liability for injury…

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Getting Doored: Whose Fault Is It?

We get told all the time about collisions where a bike rider is being blamed for a right hook collision and the driver’s insurance adjuster…

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Oregon Senate Bill 411 Expands Personal Injury Protection

Senate Bill 411, passed by Oregon’s 2015 legislature, will help Oregonians injured in vehicular collisions by expanding benefits under two sections of their own automobile…

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