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What Will President Trump do about Social Security?

On January 20, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Throughout his campaign, President Trump repeatedly promised that he would neither cut…

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Concerned About Losing Medicaid Coverage? Call Congress.

We have received many calls from clients who are concerned about losing their Medicaid health coverage.  If you are concerned about what would happen to…

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New Rule Changes the Evaluation of Medical Evidence in Social Security Applications

The medical documentation in the record can make all the difference in whether an individual will qualify for Social Security disability benefits. 1. Weight of…

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The Five Step Evaluation Process

Social Security regulations provide for a five-step evaluation process to determine disability. Step 1: Income Levels Work generating more than $1170 (2017) per month after…

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Why Drugs & Alcohol Matter: Five Reasons to be Honest with your Lawyer

As lawyers for people living with disabilities, we know that many people have done things in their lives that they regret or would change if…

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Should I apply for social security disability?

Frequently we hear from folks who haven’t yet applied – and are wondering whether they should, because they are hopeful that sometime in the future,…

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