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Bicycle Injury

Advocating For Portland, Oregon Cyclists

When it comes to bicycle injury law, we wrote the book, literally. Our legal guide “Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists” is now in its tenth printing and serves as the definitive legal guide on Oregon bicycle law. Our attorneys have represented more bicycle riders in Oregon than any other law firm.

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Bicycle Injury Law

We've been representing portland bicycle riders in the courts since 1982. We are the lawyers that other lawyers seek out to answer questions about the legal rights of Oregon bicyclists. We understand how insurance and liability work and we can help you make claims for damages against negligent drivers. We are bicycle commuters and racers ourselves so we understand what is like to mix with motorized traffic on the roadway. And our lawyers have worked for decades to make the law more fair for bicycle riders in the legislature and court systems.

We know that getting in a wreck makes it important to get help from someone who knows how law enforcement works. Working with the police to find and prosecute a dangerous driver is an important first step. We investigate what happened to cause the wreck and make sure the victim’s voice is heard. It is important to find out what witnesses saw and to gather evidence to demonstrate what happened. Our staff helps our clients obtain quotes for repair or replacement of damaged bicycle equipment, and to file for insurance benefits.

All Oregon automobile insurance policies include Personal Injury Protection Insurance known as “PIP." This insurance provides for medical payments, wage loss, and even care provider costs and is “no fault." PIP benefits “stack” which means that you can add your insurance limits to those of the driver and combine the coverages. Our paralegals and legal assistants work with our clients to provide necessary forms and paperwork as part of what we do. And we push the insurance companies to provide the maximum benefit allowable under the law. If an insurance company is not being fair we make them follow the Oregon Insurance laws or face a consumer complaint with the Oregon Insurance Division. We help our clients know their legal rights to make the maximum claim allowed under the law for PIP benefits.

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