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Bicycle Injury

Portland, Oregon Bicycle Accident Attorneys

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Our Background

Thomas, Coon, Newton & Frost was Oregon’s first law firm to devote a significant portion of its practice to representing injured bicycle riders.  In 1982, partner Ray Thomas began writing a regular legal column in Oregon Cycling Magazine.  Since that time, we have represented hundreds of bicyclists in Portland and across Oregon in personal injury cases—significantly more than any other law firm in the state—and provided informal advice about the claim process to hundreds more.  Portland bicycle accident attorneys Ray Thomas, Jim Coon, Cynthia Newton and Chris Thomas have more than 75 years of combined experience helping bicyclists obtain compensation for injuries caused by negligent road users.

Beyond the practice of law, TCNF attorneys take pride in active community involvement.  They advocate in the Oregon legislature for improved laws for people bicycling and walking, and they regularly speak about bicycle law to other lawyers, law enforcement, and members of the public.

Part of what makes us effective bicycle advocates is our significant experience riding on Oregon’s roadways.  We ride regularly for transportation, fitness and competition, allowing us to understand collisions from the perspective of bicyclists and other vulnerable road users.

How we can help

After a collision, many of our clients find themselves in unfamiliar territory.  As a result of another person’s negligence, they are injured, and often cannot work and have a broken bike.  Instead of focusing on their recovery, they are confronted with a barrage of calls, emails, and letters from an array of insurance adjusters with different motives.  We serve as the client’s advocate and point of contact throughout that process, ensuring that property damage, medical expenses, and wage loss are paid by the appropriate insurers, so that our client can focus on getting well.  When our clients have recovered, we also make a liability claim against the at-fault party, in which we work to fully compensate our clients for their losses.

To learn about the experiences of past clients, see our client testimonials and reviews.


Public outreach

Over the years, we have engaged in many efforts to educate Oregon bicyclists about their rights and responsibilities on the roadway.

Since 1993, TCNF lawyers have presented regular bicycle legal clinics to groups of citizens across the state at bike shops, community centers, and places of employment.  The clinics cover topics like bike lane use, when a rider may take the lane, lighting requirements, sidewalk riding, insurance, and what to do if you are in a crash.

In 2000, partner Ray Thomas first published Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists.  The guide includes relevant state and local bicycle laws and articles discussing practical application of the law.  Pedal Power, published jointly with the City of Portland and now in its eighth edition, is distributed free to attendees of our bicycle legal clinics.

In response to the rapid growth in electric bikes on Oregon’s roads, in 2018 TCNF released Oregon E-Bike Rights: A Legal Guide for Electric Bike Riders, now in its second edition.

TCNF also produces wallet-sized bike-rights cards that provide bullet point summaries of Oregon bicycle law.  Keep an eye out for these cards at your local bike shop, or download a copy here.

Bicycling experience

Our experience as bicyclists allows us to appreciate the perspective of our clients on the roadway.  In 1991, Ray Thomas and Jim Coon established one of Portland’s longest running group rides, known as the Lawyer Ride, which winds through the west hills of Portland at lunchtime twice per week.  Cynthia Newton regularly commutes by bike from her home in northeast Portland, and associate Chris Thomas is a longtime commuter and member of the firm-sponsored TCNF.Legal Racing Team.

Additional resources

For more information about our bicycle injury law practice, please see our bicycle-specific website, or our blog posts on bicycle law.


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Bicycle Injury

Representative Cases

Neighborhood Cyclist v. Elderly Driver 2018

An elderly driver claimed the setting sun impaired his view when he ran a red light and struck our client, a 38-year-old husband and father, on his bicycle in North Portland. Our client was cycling home from a nearby neighborhood…
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Two-Cyclist Collision Case 2018

Plaintiff, a 67-year-old engineer, rode her upright hybrid bicycle almost daily for over a decade to her job in downtown Portland from her SE Portland home across the Hawthorne Bridge, down its sidewalk ramp, down the connecting walkway and onto…
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Cyclist v. Driver and Passenger Car Doors 2012

When the driver and passenger of an SUV parked on a busy NE Portland neighborhood bikeway and suddenly swung open their vehicle doors, they collided with a 50-year-old cyclist and small business owner who was out on a weekend leisure…
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Thanks & Praise


  • I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the superb job that Cynthia Newton and Chris Thomas have done.
    They represented me with amazing professionalism in my bike accident case. Despite the insurance company's claim, they proved that the accident happened due to my opposing party's fault. They had a very difficult task at hand since there was no police report, and it was several months after my accident when I was advised to see your law firm, where the best bike accident attorneys are in Portland.

    Cynthia was ready to take my very difficult case, that resulted a settlement with the insurance company. Cynthia always informed me, explained what to expect, that helped me understand her job. I met Chris for the first time at the deposition. I was amazed by his series of elegant questions that helped to prove that the insurance company's statements were wrong.

    Cynthia and Chris are not only excellent attorneys, but also very kind and lovely people. Additionally, both are dedicated bikers.

    Finally, I should appreciate Rebecca Cassady's and Kristin Kidd's "background" job by doing the administration and gathering tons of health insurance information about my healing progress, which amount to a 7 inch tall stack of paper. Thank you so much all of your excellent job again,

    Thank you so much for all of your excellent work again.
    Eva, Portland, OR
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