Scott Sell, TCNF’s Disability lawyer, appointed as a Special Assistant Attorney General

The State of Oregon is responsible for the well-being of roughly 8,000 children living in foster settings. Many of those children have disabilities. However, some disabled children in the foster care system have to fight to receive disability benefits because the Social Security Administration has denied their claims for benefits.

When lawyers at the Oregon Department of Justice required the assistance of a lawyer specializing in disability law to help kids in the foster system, they contacted Scott Sell, TCNF’s disability lawyer. Scott knows the law governing the foster care system because of his experience working for the Oregon Court of Appeals. He knows the disability system because of his experience litigating hundreds of disability claims in private practice. He was the right person for the job.

Scott accepted an appointment as a Special Assistant Attorney General and began representing disabled foster children in the spring of 2021. He is grateful for the appointment and finds the work deeply rewarding.