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Oregon Bicycle Law Summary

Oregon Bicycle Law Summary

Below is a quick-reference summary of Oregon bicycle law. For a more in-depth analysis, including full text of each statute, please see our legal guide, Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists.

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Roads and Highways

  • Cyclists may occupy an entire lane and ride up to two abreast if not impeding the “normal movement of traffic.” ORS 814.430(1) and (2)(e)
  • Cyclists riding at less than the normal speed of traffic must ride as far to the right as practicable (or the left on a one-way). ORS 814.430(1),(2)(a-d)


  • When passing;
  • When making a left turn;
  • When necessary to avoid hazards, or;
  • When the road is too narrow for a bicycle and another vehicle to travel safely side by side.


  • Bikes may ride on sidewalks except where prohibited in urban core areas; ORS 814.410 (2).

Yield Laws

  • Bicyclists Must Yield:
  • To pedestrians, AND give an audible warning when passing. ORS 814.410 (b)
  • To the vehicle approaching on the right in unmarked intersections. ORS 811.275 (1)



  • Motorists passing at faster than 35mph must leave sufficient room to miss bicyclist if rider fell over into traffic lane; at lower speed motorist must provide “safe distance” when passing. ORS 811.065 (1) (a)(A)(B)

Bike Lanes

  • Bikes must use available bike lanes except when necessary to safely turn, pass, or avoid a hazard. ORS 814.420 (1), (3) (a)(b)(c)


  • Same legal requirements as other vehicles except no faster than “an ordinary walk” when approaching and entering a crosswalk, or approaching or crossing a driveway or curbcut if a motor vehicle is approaching. ORS 814.410 (1)(d)


  • Bicycle must show a white light to the front and a red reflector or light to the rear during “limited visibility conditions.” ORS 815.280 (2)(c)


  • Turns and stops require a hand signal for 100 feet beforehand unless “circumstances require that both hands be used to safely control the bicycle.” ORS 814.440


  • Required by law for riders under 16 years of age. ORS 814.485

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