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A gavel on a desk, representing the recent ruling in the Oregon Supreme Court regarding out of state defective products manufacturers' liability

Out-of-State Defective Products Manufacturers Subject to Their Home State Time Limits

When an Oregonian suffers injury because of a defective product–a car, an industrial machine, a consumer product–the product manufacturer and seller is responsible for paying…

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Asbestos Law

The lawyers at Thomas, Coon, Newton & Frost believe all available remedies for serious injury should be considered together. If they are not, a settlement…

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Asbestos Product Warning

Oregon law says product manufacturers and sellers must give warnings about the dangers of using their products. Some product manufacturers have argued that they need…

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Products Liability Personal Injury

Products Liability for personal injury is the name given to lawsuits for injuries caused by defective products. There are several different types of products liability…

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