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Estate of Decedent v. Hospital and General Surgeon 2017 Umatilla County

TCNF trial attorney Cynthia Newton obtained a confidential 6-figure settlement on behalf of the four adult children of 62-year-old retired handyman who died following an attempted dilation of a colon blockage after 6 days’ conservative in patient treatment. During the colon…
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Executive and Family v. Hotel 2016 Washington State

TCNF partners Jim Coon and Cynthia Newton obtained a confidential 7-figure settlement on behalf of a corporate chief executive officer who was traveling on business for his employer and fell on a poorly marked and unlit step while checking into…
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Yokum v. SAIF, et al 1994

We won a workers’ compensation case on behalf of a painter for chronic encephalopathy (brain damage). The painter worked for seven different employers over a 15 year period.
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Irving v. Baugh Construction, et al 1994

$347,000 jury verdict in workers’ compensation third party case for sheet metal worker injured when scaffold collapsed at a construction project.
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Hodge v. Sullivan 1994

We won a federal decision preventing most offsets of state workers’ compensation awards against social security benefits in Oregon.
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Williams v. Waterways Terminal Company 1985

We represented the plaintiff in an Oregon Supreme Court case which established that injured workers have a right to demand return to their jobs.
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