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Ahlberg v. SAIF 2005

We won a workers' compensation case for a worker whose 1984 hearing loss claim had been denied. The Court agreed with us that the worker was not precluded from bringing a claim based on the worsening of his hearing loss…
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Secondary Surgery Claim 2011

Claimant had an accepted low back claim and had surgery in 2008. In 2011, claimant's doctor requested another surgery which the insurer refused to authorize. We challenged the refusal and won the right for claimant to have another surgery.
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Dental Dispute Claim

Claimant had an accepted head injury from 1997. In 2007, she required dental implants because of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, caused by the work accident. The worker's compensation insurer denied paying for this treatment valued at $16,000. We challenged this…
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Vocational Suitability Claim

Claimant, a former warehouse worker, had an accepted shoulder claim that prevented him from returning to his job-at-injury. The insurer found that he was not eligible for vocational assistance because he could return to some suitable work. We challenged the…
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Vocational Extension Claim

Claimant, a former warehouse worker, was in a vocation program, but wanted to extend the program for a longer period. The insurer refused. We challenged the insurer's refusal and won, extending claimant's vocational benefits another 5 months.
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Vocational Claim

Claimant, a former house painter, was in a vocational program, but the insurer stopped the program stating he was not complying with their rules. We challenged the insurer's denial of further vocational training, and won. Claimant's vocational program was restored.
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