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Another Right Hook - Bike Commuter v. Car Turning Right 2020

Our client was headed home from work in downtown Portland, on SE Hawthorne Blvd, riding eastbound in the bike lane.  The driver turned his van right without checking his rearview mirror.  Our client and his bike hit the van’s front…
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Policy Limits Demand – Cyclist v. Lyft Driver 2020

Our client was on his mountain bike in a bike lane on SE Division Street in Portland, passing a line of stopped cars, when an oncoming Lyft driver turned left through the line of cars right in front of him. …
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Workers’ compensation time loss dispute 2019

Claimant, a framer, was seriously injured when he fell three stories to the ground while working on a construction project. He was off of work due to his injuries for a substantial amount of time. Under the workers’ compensation laws,…
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O’Dell v. Shorenstein, et al., Washington County 2018

Plaintiff, an active mother of four, slipped and fell on black ice while walking from a partially covered parking garage connected to a large office building where she worked. Plaintiff suffered a severe right ankle fracture requiring surgery and resulting…
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Auditory Processing Disorder 2019

Our client, a federal employee, came to us for assistance with applications for federal disability retirement benefits and Social Security Disability benefits.  Our office prepared both applications and submitted them to the appropriate government agencies.  Ms. Haggerty consulted with his…
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IgG4-related disease 2019

Our client, a self-employed technology worker, came to us for assistance filing an application for Social Security Disability benefits.  She was living with the negative impacts of a condition called immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD).   A person living with IgG4-RD often…
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