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Vocational Extension Claim

Claimant, a former warehouse worker, was in a vocation program, but wanted to extend the program for a longer period. The insurer refused. We challenged the insurer's refusal and won, extending claimant's vocational benefits another 5 months.
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Vocational Claim

Claimant, a former house painter, was in a vocational program, but the insurer stopped the program stating he was not complying with their rules. We challenged the insurer's denial of further vocational training, and won. Claimant's vocational program was restored.
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Time Loss Leg Injury Claim

Claimant, a restaurant worker, had an accepted claim for a broken leg. The insurer had calculated her time loss without considering that claimant's duties had substantially changed before her injury. We challenged the insurer's calculation and they agreed to raise…
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Time Loss Claim

Claimant, a road construction worker, had an accepted claim, but the insurer calculated his time-loss benefits using his wage from a previous job. We challenged this calculation, arguing that the insurer should have used the wage rate from his new…
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Time Loss Wrist Injury Claim

Claimant, a temporary worker for Nike, developed De Quervain's tenosyovitis in both wrists. The insurer accepted the claim for the right wrist but stopped paying time loss. We won all back time-loss plus a 25% penalty for the insurer's unreasonable…
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Leg Injury Claim

Claimant, a steel worker, shattered femur in a fall from a ladder at work. Although the insurer accepted the claim for a broken leg, it denied claimant's lower leg neuropathy condition and closed the claim with little permanent impairment and…
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