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Hand Injury Claim

Claimant, an iron worker, had a denied claim for an ulnar injury that left him with a claw hand. We won this claim at hearing, securing his right to permanent disability award and vocational benefits valued at over $100,000.
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Hernia Claim

Claimant, a receiving clerk, filed a claim for inguinal hernia after loading a gun safe at work. The employer denied the claim because he did not report the injury right away. We won this case at hearing.
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Shoulder Injury Claim

Claimant, a massage therapist, had a denied occupational disease claim for left shoulder biceps tendon tear, subacromial impingement and calcific rotator cuff tendinitis. We won the case at hearing and will follow this claim to make sure claimant gets an…
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Mid Back Injury Claim 2010

Claimant, a nurse, was attacked by a patient and suffered mid back pain that has continued for many years. The insurer initially accepted a thoracic strain. In 2010, the insurer denied claimant's omitted condition claim for T6-7 disc injury. We…
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Lumbar Strain Claim

Claimant, a metal fabricator, suffered a back injury in 1995 that the insurer accepted as a lumbar strain. Claimant continued having chronic back pain. We made a claim for L5-S1 disc herniation and annular tear which was denied. We recently…
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Perilymph Fistula Claim

Claimant, injured in a work-related motor vehicle accident, suffered perilymph fistulas (holes in the inner ear) that caused dizziness, balance, and vision issues. We challenged SAIF's denial of perilymph fistula and visual mid-line shift and won at hearing, securing important…
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