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Tips on Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits - Navigating a Slow-Moving Process

Health issues that prevent you from working can cause much stress and many things to worry about. In the midst of medical appointments and trying…

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Can this Case be Won?

This feature appears from time to time as a means of illustrating the challenges that many applicants for social security disability benefits experience, in their…

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Good News Oregon: General Assistance Bill (HB 4042)

The Oregon Legislature has just passed a bill to restore general assistance to needy and vulnerable disabled Oregonians who so urgently need this help. HB…

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Can refugees get disability benefits?

As a lawyer who represents many of the small percentage of refugees in Oregon who seek disability benefits, I am often asked about them.  Here…

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Why might a disability "freeze" be important?

Your disability eligibility and even your ultimate retirement benefit are calculated based on your past wage earning record.  If you experience a period of disability,…

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What Congress just did to the disability process

Tucked into a corner of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (which otherwise was good news because it moved money around to make sure that…

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