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What Will President Trump do about Social Security?

On January 20, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Throughout his campaign, President Trump repeatedly promised that he would neither cut…

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Should I apply for social security disability?

Frequently we hear from folks who haven’t yet applied – and are wondering whether they should, because they are hopeful that sometime in the future,…

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Tips on Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits - Navigating a Slow-Moving Process

Health issues that prevent you from working can cause much stress and many things to worry about. In the midst of medical appointments and trying…

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Can this Case be Won?

This feature appears from time to time as a means of illustrating the challenges that many applicants for social security disability benefits experience, in their…

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Good News Oregon: General Assistance Bill (HB 4042)

The Oregon Legislature has just passed a bill to restore general assistance to needy and vulnerable disabled Oregonians who so urgently need this help. HB…

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Can refugees get disability benefits?

As a lawyer who represents many of the small percentage of refugees in Oregon who seek disability benefits, I am often asked about them.  Here…

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