Representative Cases

Auditory Processing Disorder 2019

Our client, a federal employee, came to us for assistance with applications for federal disability retirement benefits and Social Security Disability benefits.  Our office prepared both applications and submitted them to the appropriate government agencies.  Ms. Haggerty consulted with his medical providers and coordinated medical source statements from both his primary care provider and an evaluating specialist.  She arranged for reports from his former employers to supplement his applications.

Our client lives with an auditory processing disorder.  This means the energy required for him to process an everyday conversation can be exhausting.  We diligently checked in with the client to be sure we were presenting information in a format that was most accessible for him.  When possible, we arranged in-person rather than telephone meetings to assist with his processing of important pieces of information.

The Office of Personnel Management processed his initial application slowly, but approved his claim for disability retirement.  The Social Security Disability application was appealed to the hearing level.  Ms. Haggerty prepared the client for a hearing before an administrative law judge and represented him at that hearing.  His claim was approved by the administrative law judge.

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