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Peter Testi v. Alexsander Ovanesyants 2011

Cynthia Newton obtained a $45,000 settlement on behalf of a 62-year-old retired bicycle shop owner who was struck on his bicycle. Five months after the accident, he reported knee pain to his physician, who later recommended and performed surgery to…
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Yifang Qian v. Duck Soon Paik 2011

Yifang Qian was hit in an unmarked crosswalk as she walked across West Burnside St. on her way from a bus stop to work. She received a head injury, fractured pelvis, meniscal tear and a tibial plateau fracture, which required…
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Donald Adamski v. Jeanne McKibben 2011

Senior masters athlete, Donald Adamski, was hit in a bike lane by a motorist turning left. He suffered multiple rib fractures, pneumothorax, and a partial finger amputation. No citations were issued to the driver, but we assisted the client in…
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Neck Strain Claim 2003

Claimant had an accepted neck strain claim from a 2003 work-related motor vehicle accident. Insurer denied her recent claim for C6-7 disc injury. We won this claim at hearing and at the Workers' Compensation Board, ensuring our client's right to…
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Knee and Hip Injury Claim

Claimant, a concrete worker, was injured on the job and filed a claim for knee and hip injuries. The employer denied the claim. We won acceptance of the claim at hearing as well as a ruling from the judge that…
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Concussion Claim

Claimant, a teacher, had an accepted claim for concussion. The insurer awarded her $35,000 in permanent impairment in a Notice of Closure. We appealed that Notice of Closure and secured an additional $76,000 in permanent disability benefits.
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