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Bicyclist v Garbage Truck Right Hook 2020

As our client rode to work in the bike lane of NE Multnomah Street in Portland, she was right hooked by a garbage truck that turned across the bike lane, knocking her onto the pavement and causing fractures of her arm and nose.  While the garbage company carried a commercial insurance policy with significant liability limits, the policy lacked Personal Injury Protection  (“PIP”) medical coverage for bills in the short term, and our client did not have auto or health insurance.  The garbage company’s insurer argued that our client rode too fast, despite travelling well below the speed limit.  They also claimed that she failed to anticipate the driver’s illegal maneuver, despite Oregon law that says  a cyclist has the right of way in a bike lane and entitles all road users to assume that others will obey the law.  Ultimately, the insurer accepted full liability for the collision, and paid a six-figure settlement for past and likely future damages.


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