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Bicyclist v Garbage Truck Right Hook 2020

As our client rode to work in the bike lane of NE Multnomah Street in Portland, she was right hooked by a garbage truck that turned across the bike lane, knocking her onto the pavement and causing fractures of her…
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Car-Doored - Cyclist v. Pizza Delivery Company 2020

Our client, a 62-year-old husband, father of two and executive working for the State of Oregon, rode his bicycle home on his customary afternoon route through the West Hills.  Near his house, he approached a pizza delivery car parked at…
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Bicyclist Training for Race Across Oregon 2020

Our client was finishing a long training ride in a remote area and was struck from behind by a pickup truck. The impact broke the outside rear view mirror off the vehicle and the driver sped off leaving the rider…
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Another Right Hook - Bike Commuter v. Car Turning Right 2020

Our client was headed home from work in downtown Portland, on SE Hawthorne Blvd, riding eastbound in the bike lane.  The driver turned his van right without checking his rearview mirror.  Our client and his bike hit the van’s front…
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Policy Limits Demand – Cyclist v. Lyft Driver 2020

Our client was on his mountain bike in a bike lane on SE Division Street in Portland, passing a line of stopped cars, when an oncoming Lyft driver turned left through the line of cars right in front of him. …
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Neighborhood Cyclist v. Elderly Driver 2018

An elderly driver claimed the setting sun impaired his view when he ran a red light and struck our client, a 38-year-old husband and father, on his bicycle in North Portland. Our client was cycling home from a nearby neighborhood…
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