TCNF Bike Legal Clinics for 2018

TCNF is excited to announce the schedule for bicycle legal clinics in 2018.  The lawyers of TCNF, in partnership with the Street Trust, have educated Oregon bicyclists on their legal rights and responsibilities for decades, beginning with lawyer Ray Thomas’ first legal clinic in 1993.  Each clinic attendee receives a copy of Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists by Ray Thomas, which is a compilation of statutes and articles regarding Oregon bike law.  Clinic topics include taking the lane, riding on sidewalks, signaling, lighting, e-bikes, riding under the influence, and more.

TCNF bike trial lawyers Ray Thomas, Jim Coon, Cynthia Newton and Chris Thomas will take turns presenting the 2018 clinics.

Cynthia looks forward to presenting at the 2018 clinics, including the July 10th clinic at Gladys Bikes for women cyclists.  Cynthia has defended the rights of injured Oregon cyclists in hundreds of cases since 2004, giving her abundant experience on the practical effect of Oregon law following a collision.  She has written extensively on the application of Oregon insurance law to bicyclists and the danger to cyclists posed by commercial vehicles.  She is also a longtime bicycle commuter from her home in NE Portland.

Chris is excited to present at many of the 2018 clinics.  Although he is the most recent addition to the TCNF team of bike lawyers, he has been actively involved in the Portland bicycle community for over 15 years.  Over that period, he has lived in, and commuted primarily by bicycle from, NE Portland, Downtown, Beaverton and rural Washington County, giving him a breadth of experience riding in different environments.  He also competes as a Category 3 road cyclist in races held around Portland, including at Mt. Tabor and PIR.  As a father to two young boys, most of his weekend riding currently involves pulling a kid trailer, which gives him a heightened sense of the importance of protected bike routes.

2018 Clinic Schedule:

January 9th at 6 PM at Velo Cult – 1969 NE 42nd Ave, Portland

February 13th at 6 PM at Bike Gallery Westmoreland – 6717 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland

March 13th at 6 PM at Bike Gallery Downtown – 1001 SW 10th Ave, Portland

April 10th at 6 PM at Velo Cult – 1969 NE 42nd Ave, Portland

May 8th at 12 PM at Multnomah Building – 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland

June 11th at 6 PM at REI Pearl – 1405 NW Johnson St, Portland

July 10th at 6 PM at Gladys Bikes (Women’s Bike Clinic) – 2905 NE Alberta St, Portland

August 14th at 6 PM at Outer Rim Bicycle Shop – 10625 NE Halsey St, Portland

September 10th at 6 PM at REI Clackamas – 12160 SE 82nd Ave, Portland

October 9th at 12PM at Multnomah County East Building – 600 NE 8th Street, Gresham

November 12th at 6 PM at REI Portland – 1405 NW Johnson St, Portland

December 10th at 6 PM at REI Hillsboro – 2235 NW Allie Ave, Hillsboro

For those unable to attend who are interested in Pedal Power, a link can be found here:

We appreciate the hard work of the Street Trust in promoting safe alternative transportation.  To learn more about their work and membership options please visit: