Let’s talk about making Social Security, including Disability, work again!

Unlike those who want to dismantle social security disability, seemingly convinced that it’s riddled with fraud, one brave Senator has stepped forward to argue that we need to expand it. Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat from Ohio, says that “The debate over Social Security should not be about how much we can cut from the program in order to balance the federal budget.” Brown continued, “The debate over Social Security should not be about raising the retirement age or limiting benefits. The debate over Social Security should be about retirement security.”

Brown’s plan calls for lifting the earnings cap for paying into social security. Brown argues that by simply raising or even removing this cap, the social security fund could be thriving. Brown also wants to expand social security by tying annual cost-of-living benefit increases more closely to the types of expenses seniors actually face, like the cost of retirement homes, versus everyday stables like bread and milk. Brown said in order to help disabled and elderly Americans stay out of the streets, progressives must not “let one piece of Social Security be picked off.”

Last month Senators Patty Murray of Washington and Mark Begich of Alaska introduced the Retirement and Income Security Enhancements Act, or RAISE Act, which would extend benefits for divorced spouses, widowers, and children of retired, disabled or deceased workers. To pay for this expansion, the bill would create a two percent income tax for earners over $400,000 a year.

For more information: The Columbus Dispatch