How can I speed up my disability case?

The disability process is long and discouraging.

We hear from clients every day that while waiting for a decision, they use up their savings or go into bankruptcy or lose their home.

Everyone wants to know:  how can my lawyer make my case go faster?

While there are no guarantees, here are some of the best reasons a lawyer can use to argue that your case should be moved faster when you are at the Hearings stage:

  1. Your illness is terminal (untreatable, irreversible, and expected to end in death);  OR
  2. You are a veteran who has a 100% rating from the VA  — but this only applies if it’s a disability rating; OR
  3. You are a current or former member of the military who became injured or ill while on active duty status after October 1, 2001; OR
  4. Your impairments are listed in the Compassionate Allowances List; OR
  5. You are in dire need because:
    1. You are without food and have no resources to get food; or
    2. You are without medicine or medical care and cannot obtain it; or
    3. You are without shelter, including that you have no utilities because you cannot pay.  You may be homeless or have received notice of eviction or foreclosure.  The law says that if you say it’s so, Social Security is supposed to take your word for this; or
  6. You or someone else is in danger because you are suicidal, homicidal or potentially violent