Bicycle & Pedestrian Law Resources

We have assembled the following list of resources which may be of assistance in learning more about topics relating to bicycling:


Pedal Power: a Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists

This book is a collection of information about bicycles and the law in Oregon. The material is collected in sections relating to laws, with explanatory articles about several areas. Its purpose is to provide bicyclists with more knowledge about the laws of the roadway. Published by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. (updated Feb 2010)

Oregon Pedestrian Rights: A Legal Guide for Persons on Foot

This book is a collection of resources and information about pedestrian law in Oregon. Published by the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition.

Oregon E-Bike Rights: A Legal Guide for Electric Bike Riders

This booklet explores the law on electric bikes in Oregon and your rights as an e-bike rider.

Action Pamphlet: DIY guide to Citizen Initiation of Violation Proceedings

Read about Citizen Initiated Violation Proceedings and how to use the courts yourself to prosecute dangerous drivers. You can read an additional article by Ray Thomas on DIY prosecution of dangerous drivers here.


Read more about bicycle law in Oregon.


Know Your Legal Rights: A Free Legal Clinic for Bicyclists

2014 Bike Clinic Schedule

Clinics held at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance office

618 NW Glisan St., Suite 401, Portland, OR.

  • Weds, March 26th
  • Weds, May 21st
  • Weds, June 25th
  • Weds, August 27th
  • Weds, November 19th

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