Announcing a New E-Bike Legal Guide by TCNF Bike Lawyers

A picture of a biker crossing a bridge in Portland with a cloudy sky in the background.

TCNF’s team of bicycle trial lawyers is pleased to announce the completion of Oregon E-Bike Rights: A Legal Guide for Electric Bike Riders.  Written by Ray Thomas, Jim Coon, Cynthia Newton and Chris Thomas, the booklet contains a comprehensive discussion of laws governing the use of electric bicycles in Oregon.  Topics include riding in bike lanes, on sidewalks, in state parks and on federal land, as well as insurance coverage and advocacy efforts to improve e-bike laws.  TCNF’s bike lawyers felt the need for this booklet now due to the recent increase in popularity of electric bikes and the interesting legal space they occupy between bicycles and motor vehicles.

Oregon E-Bike Rights: A Legal Guide for Electric Bike Riders by the TCNF Bike Lawyers Ray Thomas, Cynthia Newton, Jim Coon and Chris Thomas

You can download the booklet here—updated to 2nd Edition in November 2018.

We hope you find this guide useful and that you contact us with any questions about Oregon e-bike law.