The Oregonian: 52 Pedestrian Deaths Is Unconscionable

Willamette Pedestrian CoalitionSteph Routh, director of the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, has published a guest column in The Oregonian about the need for better traffic solutions to prevent pedestrian deaths on Oregon roads.

In light of a recent article about the 52 pedestrian deaths that occurred on Oregon roads this year, Routh emphasized the importance of driver responsibility and the need for engineering solutions to improve traffic safety for all types of users:

“We need to invest far more in developing a network of streets that accommodate all users – pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and motorists throughout our region, as well as raising awareness about everyone’s rights and responsibilities as road users. We must get beyond blaming the victim to buck this tragic trend.”

Swanson, Thomas & Coon is a proud supporter of the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition.