TCNF Community Service Day 2018

Sign saying "volunteer event"; this sign was posted at Sellwood Park during Thomas, Coon, Newton & Frost's recent Community Service Day with Portland Parks and Recreation

In late September 2018, we closed the office for a day and everyone headed out to Sellwood Park to provide community service with Portland Parks and Recreation. Some of us worked on beach cleanup while others focused on invasive plant removal, pulling up weeds, ivy, and Himalayan blackberry vines. We have been working in Sellwood Park for several years now, and it is wonderful to see the way the park has changed over time. As usual, we enjoyed journeying by boat to and from Sellwood Park’s Riverplace Marina on a 1967 Kenner Suwanee.


Docking the boat at Riverplace Marina.

The group listening to David of Portland Parks & Recreation

The group listening to instructions from David of Portland Parks & Recreation.

A half-submerged tire on the beach at Sellwood Park

Working to unearth a submerged tire on the beach at Sellwood Park.

Portland in the distance during Thomas, Coon, Newton and Frost's community service day in Sellwood Park

Portland in the distance.

Credit for all photos: Amanda Ulrich