Three TCNF Attorneys Appointed to Multnomah Bar Association Committees

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Multnomah Bar Association LogoTCNF attorneys Cynthia Newton, Melissa Haggerty, and Chris A. Thomas were recently appointed to Multnomah Bar Association (MBA) committees. The MBA, which is over 100 years old, provides a forum for lawyers to work to improve the justice system and provide law-related community services. The Association also works to strengthen professionalism.

Cynthia Newton will serve on the Court Liaison Committee, which aims to foster dialogue between attorneys and the judiciary and court administrator about rules or procedural changes and to help the court educate members about court issues. In addition, the committee surveys lawyers on issues regarding the Multnomah County Circuit Court, writes the Multnomah Lawyer “News from the Courthouse” column and profiles local judges and full-time referees.

Melissa Haggerty will serve on the Judicial Screening Committee, which assists the Governor in the process of appointing highly qualified lawyers to be judges on the Multnomah County Circuit Court. The committee reviews applications of pro tem and judicial appointment candidates confidentially, and reports on its recommendations.

Chris Thomas will serve on the Service to the Public Committee, which works to provide programs to engage young lawyers in community outreach activities that educate the public about the legal system, the positive role of attorneys in society, and the legal resources available to the community, and engages in civics-based community outreach to educate the public about their rights and responsibilities as citizens in our democracy and about the importance of attorneys and the justice system.

Though TCNF focuses heavily on advocacy for disadvantaged groups, the firm’s involvement in the MBA reflects its commitment to the legal institutions we take for granted.