STCN Participating in Street Roots’ “Summer Rally” Fundraiser

Swanson, Thomas, Coon & Newton is participating in the Street Roots “Summer Rally” Fundraiser. This is a team-based competitive fundraiser that involves communities coming together, and bringing a strong start to the summer for Street Roots. Individuals can create their own teams online and by sharing their team URL through email and social media, they can encourage people to donate for a good cause. The event started Friday, May 25th and lasts until Sunday, June 24th.

By producing a newspaper and other media that serve as catalysts for individual and social change, Street Roots has created awareness and income opportunities for people experiencing poverty and homelessness.

As a strong supporter of Street Roots, Swanson, Thomas, Coon & Newton sponsors the Rose City Resource, a pocket-sized guide of services available for those in Portland, OR experiencing poverty and homelessness that is also published by this organization, and our own Nora Coon serves on the Board.

For more information on the “Summer Rally” Fundraiser and to support the teams or create your own, visit