Ray Thomas Presents Pedestrian Law to Oregon Law Enforcement

On October 28, 2019, TCNF founding partner Ray Thomas presented at Oregon Impact‘s Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Training.  It was Ray’s third time presenting at the event, which was held in Eugene, Oregon, to educate police officers from across the state about pedestrian law.

Oregon Impact put on the event using grants from Oregon Department of Transportation to provide training and funding to law enforcement agencies to improve crosswalk safety for pedestrians and bike riders who are trying to cross the street. Traffic officers attend this important training to establish a uniform enforcement program throughout Oregon and includes the Oregon State Police. In 2017 Ray’s  presentation was turned into a YouTube video by ODOT and real world scenarios were used to demonstrate various law applications.  That video can be found here.

According to its website, Oregon Impact provides programs to ensure that our children are riding safely on our roadways, teens understand the consequences of impaired and distracted driving, and the adults in their lives are given the tools to guide them.

Ray said “It was an honor to be selected to provide this critical information about my area of study in the law to Oregon’s Traffic Enforcement officers. The parking lot outside the presentation looked like a parade of police vehicles from almost every jurisdiction in my home state that I could think of. I also enjoyed the chance to fill the police in on the new legislation developments extending bike lanes through intersections and Oregon’s new ‘Slow Yield and Roll Law’ for stop signs that takes effect 1/1/20.”