Oregon Passing Laws and Bicyclists: Do You Know Your Rights and Responsibilities?

Sometimes it is difficult to know when a particular law applies to bicyclists. Confusion about application of the rules of the road and vehicle laws sometimes results when frustrated motorists turn to the statutes to try to put bicyclists in their “proper” place on the roadway; but bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities on the roadway are somewhat of a legal hybrid in the Oregon statutes.

To help clear up the confusion, pedestrian and bicycle attorney Ray Thomas has written an article outlining the manner in which the state’s motorist passing laws apply to bicycles, including:

  • Slow moving vehicle law. When must bicyclists yield to overtaking vehicles, and when is it acceptable to remain in the traffic lane?
  • Riding two-up. When may bicyclists ride side-by-side?
  • No passing zones. Are motorists allowed to pass cyclists in a no passing zone?

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