Ohio’s New Limits on Pedestrian Rights

Don't Walk - Red Man

As pedestrian accident attorneys in Portland, we’ve fought long and hard to expand the rights and protect the safety of Oregon pedestrians. Recently the state of Ohio has rolled back pedestrian rights by requiring pedestrians to yield at the beginning of the green signal to cars that are turning right or left against a red light.

The new rule raises a number of concerns for pedestrians and cyclists, who at best will lose precious seconds in which to cross the road safely and legally – and who may now be found at fault for a collision if the driver claims he or she was already in the intersection when the WALK signal appeared. Activists are in the process of asking the state to return the law to its previous wording.

In order to help make sense of the changes, pedestrian accident attorney Ray Thomas offered his analysis in an interview with DCStreetsBlog.org.

“When is it okay for the pedestrian to start to walk?” he said. “The law doesn’t say.”

To learn more about how the new law affects Ohio pedestrians, read the full article.


[ Photo by: Dominic’s pics, on Flickr, via CC License ]