Jammin’ to bicycle tunes with Jim Coon

You never know what’s going to happen at a TCNF Bike Clinic.  Begun by partner Ray Thomas over 20 years ago, the clinics happen at the Street Trust (formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance), professional offices, local community centers, church basements or wherever Portland cyclists, pedestrians, car drivers and car-free people gather together to learn the latest about the law and practice of human-powered transportation.  Pictured is TCNF partner Jim Coon at the Street Trust in September, 2017, doing his tune “Gotta Be Somethin’ to See,” about the virtues of bright lights on your bike both day and night.

Contact the Street Trust to find out about the next Bike Clinic.  If you show up, you’ll get a free copy of Ray Thomas’s “Pedal Power,” the eighth edition, with all the law about bikes in Oregon.  And you never know what else might happen.