Injured Workers Receive Protection from Excessive Medical Billing

Workers’ compensation attorney Chris Frost along with Jodie Phillips Polich and the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association,  shepparded a new bill through the Oregon Legislature that protects injured workers from having to pay for extra medical expenses after their claims have settled.  The new law goes into effect January 1, 2012.

Oregon workers’ compensation law has a medical fee schedule detailing how much a medical provider can receive for services in a workers compensation claim.  Despite this, some medical providers bill more than this “fee schedule” amount.  The current law allows medical providers to collect the difference from the injured worker in cases that settle.  The new law that Chris helped push through protects those injured workers who pay the full fee-schedule amount in the settlement from medical providers who charge more.  Too often, injured workers were stuck with additional medical bills that they thought had already been taken care of in their settlement.

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