Happy Holidays from TCNF!

We are celebrating the holiday season in style!

Our Annual Holiday Change Drive, in which the entire firm competes ferociously, but always fairly, to fill canisters with pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and, importantly greenbacks, will be donated to Portland Homeless Family Solutions.

On December 4, Cynthia Newton and Chris Thomas volunteered at the Community Cycling Center’s annual bike giveaway, fitting helmets on the kids who received a bicycle from the CCC.  This hands-on work enhanced TCNF’s significant financial contribution to the work of the CCC which works to broaden access to bicycling for all Portlanders and gave away over 400 refurbished bikes at their Holiday Bike Drive – a Portland institution.

We’re celebrating the second year of HB 2764, the 2015 law spearheaded by Chris Frost that amended workers’ compensation law for the first time this century to improve the availability of counsel for injured workers and update penalties for insurer misconduct.

TCNF is also celebrating the 25 year anniversary of its veteran personal injury paralegal, Kristin Kidd.  Kristin has worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to help literally thousands of injured or killed Oregonians and their families, whether as a result of a pedestrian, motor vehicle, or bicycle collision, defective or lethal product, a doctor’s mistake or a workplace incident. She has supported TCNF’s trial lawyers as they battled insurance companies and tobacco companies to secure compensation for those who needed and deserved it.  In so doing, she has positively impacted thousands. We are proud of her legacy.

Finally, TCNF celebrates its partners in advocacy — The Street Trust and Oregon Walks —with financial support, as well as continued advocacy and education on issues affecting cyclists and pedestrians in Portland and around the state by, for example, committing to staffing bike clinics in 2018 and working toward providing on line resources for pedestrian legal rights information.

2017 has been full of challenges. We look forward to continuing our advocacy work into the New Year!