Cynthia Newton Testifies Before City Council Concerning the Resolution for the npGreenway Project

STCN bicycling and pedestrian advocate and trial lawyer Cynthia Newton testified before City Council on October 30, concerning the Resolution to adopt an Alignment Plan for the npGreenway project, which envisions a trail system providing access to and along the east bank of the Willamette River, north from the Steel Bridge to the St. John’s Bridge and on to the Columbia River.  As currently drafted, the Plan proposes using Interstate and Greeley Avenues rather than a route along the river in Segment 5.  Cynthia testified about the dangers cyclists face on Interstate and Greeley, including high traffic speeds, large commercial trucks and narrow bike lanes, as evidenced by several cyclists injured and killed along that corridor.  She lobbied for adoption of the Resolution, but urged City Commissioners to continue work to persuade riverfront property landowners, most significantly Union Pacific Railroad, to allow access along riverfront land.  For more information about npGreenway and how you can help go to

Cynthia Newton Testifies for npGreenway project resolution