Cynthia Newton Presents Bicycle Rights and Safety Clinic at Daimler’s Swan Island Facility

On September 18, Cynthia Newton presented a bicycle rights and safety clinic at Daimler’s Swan Island facility.  The program, “Road Rules: Tips for the Intrepid Swan Island Bicycle Commuter,” covered bicycling basics as well as the rights, safety concerns and practical solutions to the cyclists’ greatest challenges: right hook collisions, sidewalk/curb cut/crosswalk interactions and “taking the lane” in heavy truck traffic.  The Swan Island Transportation Management Association sponsored the talk.  Under director Sarah Angell, the TMA advocates for cycling access and use among the thousands of workers for whom access to the island is challenging.  Advocates continually seek safer routes including the proposed “NP Greenway” route, extending Portland’s Eastside Esplanade.  For more information go to