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Multiple Sclerosis Claim 2018

Claimant, the father of two young children, developed multiple sclerosis in 2004.  By 2010, his MS symptoms were so fatiguing that he would fall asleep at work.  His cognition was impaired, and he struggled to control his emotions.  Claimant stopped working and filed for Social Security Disability benefits.  A judge denied his claim.  Claimant brought his denial to TCNF, and attorney Scott Sell sued the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration on Claimant’s behalf, arguing that the Commissioner’s judge had violated the law when denying Claimant benefits.  The federal court agreed and granted Plaintiff a new hearing.  Scott represented Claimant at the new hearing.  After winning that hearing, Claimant received over $200,000 in retroactive benefits, ongoing medical insurance, and ongoing monthly benefits for himself and his two children.

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