Representative Cases

Program Administrator v. Long-term Disability Carrier 2019

Plaintiff worked as program administrator for a technology company, managing a world-wide certification program for nearly 2000 engineers.  Her employer provided long-term disability insurance as part of her compensation package.  In the autumn of 2015, a tick bit her.  She developed a profound headache, which would ultimately persist for months.  She developed nerve pain in her face, overwhelming fatigue, a tremor, and significant cognitive impairments.  She lost 25% of her body weight, becoming clinically underweight.  Her doctors diagnosed chronic Lyme disease.  She was unable to work and applied for benefits under her long-term disability policy.  Her insurer denied her claim, stating that chronic Lyme disease is not an “actual disease entity.”  TCNF attorney Scott Sell sued the insurer in federal court.  The insurer reversed its position and paid benefits based on the lifetime value of the claim.

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