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Russell Rudometkin v. Chase Thomas Danielle 2008

We were pleased to see that Meg Rawlings and our client, Russ Rudometkin, had written an article for the Winter 2008 edition of The Headliner about the work we had done on behalf of our client Russ Rudometkin to provide…
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Stephen Tuttle v. Ridgecrest Development et al. 2008

Cynthia Newton reached a $100,000 settlement on behalf of a 37-year-old cyclist who underwent three surgeries to correct a separated shoulder sustained when he struck a raised street manhole and fell. The developer, the asphalt contractor, and the City of…
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Patient v. General Surgeon and Hospital 2009

Cynthia Newton and James Coon reached a $2,350,000 settlement in a medical negligence case against a surgeon and hospital nursing staff. The case involved a retired contractor who underwent an elective abdominal aortal aneurysm repair. Following surgery, hospital nurses and…
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Cyclist v. Own Insurance Carrier 2010

Cynthia Newton obtained a settlement for the underinsured policy limits ($300,000/USAA) on behalf of a 60-year-old health insurance company executive who was struck by a piece of plywood as he cycled along Highway 30 near Portland. The plywood fell from…
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Peter Testi v. Alexsander Ovanesyants 2011

Cynthia Newton obtained a $45,000 settlement on behalf of a 62-year-old retired bicycle shop owner who was struck on his bicycle. Five months after the accident, he reported knee pain to his physician, who later recommended and performed surgery to…
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Yifang Qian v. Duck Soon Paik 2011

Yifang Qian was hit in an unmarked crosswalk as she walked across West Burnside St. on her way from a bus stop to work. She received a head injury, fractured pelvis, meniscal tear and a tibial plateau fracture, which required…
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